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First steps

Linux development basics

RISC-V Linux development

Mailing list


Git repository (use riscv-all branch for development)

Linux kernel feature support list

Subsystem Feature name Feature description Status
core cBPF-JIT Arch supports cBPF JIT optimizations TODO
core eBPF-JIT Arch supports eBPF JIT optimizations TODO
core generic-idle-thread Arch makes use of the generic SMP idle thread facility OK
core jump-labels Arch supports live patched, high efficiency branches TODO
core tracehook Arch supports tracehook (ptrace) register handling APIs OK
debug gcov-profile-all Arch supports whole-kernel GCOV code coverage profiling TODO
debug KASAN Arch supports the KASAN runtime memory checker TODO
debug kgdb Arch supports the kGDB kernel debugger TODO
debug kprobes Arch supports live patched kernel probe OK
debug kprobes-on-ftrace Arch supports combined kprobes and ftrace live patching TODO
debug kretprobes Arch supports kernel function-return probes TODO
debug optprobes Arch supports live patched optprobes TODO
debug stackprotector Arch supports compiler driven stack overflow protection TODO
debug uprobes Arch supports live patched user probes TODO
debug user-ret-profiler Arch supports user-space return from system call profiler TODO
io dma-contiguous Arch supports the DMA CMA (continuous memory allocator) OK
io sg-chain Arch supports chained scatter-gather lists TODO
locking cmpxchg-local Arch supports the this_cpu_cmpxchg() API TODO
locking lockdep Arch supports the runtime locking correctness debug facility TODO
locking queued-rwlocks Arch supports queued rwlocks TODO
locking queued-spinlocks Arch supports queued spinlocks TODO
locking rwsem-optimized Arch provides optimized rwsem APIs TODO
perf kprobes-event Arch supports kprobes with perf events TODO
perf perf-regs Arch supports perf events register access TODO
perf perf-stackdump Arch supports perf events stack dumps TODO
sched membarrier-sync-core Arch supports core serializing membarrier TODO
sched numa-balancing Arch supports NUMA balancing TODO
seccomp seccomp-filter Arch supports seccomp filters TODO
time Arch-tick-broadcast Arch provides tick_broadcast() TODO
time clockevents Arch support generic clock events OK
time context-tracking Arch supports context tracking for NO_HZ_FULL TODO
time irq-time-acct Arch supports precise IRQ time accounting TODO
time modern-timekeeping Arch does not use Arch_gettimeoffset() anymore OK
time virt-cpuacct Arch supports precise virtual CPU time accounting TODO
vm ELF-ASLR Arch randomizes the stack, heap and binary images of ELF binaries TODO
vm huge-vmap Arch supports the ioremap_pud_enabled() and ioremap_pmd_enabled() VM APIs TODO
vm ioremap_prot Arch has ioremap_prot() TODO
vm numa-memblock Arch supports NUMA aware memblocks OK
vm PG_uncached Arch supports the PG_uncached page flag TODO
vm pte_special Arch supports the pte_special() OK
vm THP Arch supports transparent hugepages TODO
vm batch-unmap-tlb-flush Arch supports deferral of TLB flush until multiple pages are unmapped TODO

TODO list

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